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Open Access Policy

Polish Theatre Perspectives (PTP) is an artistic and scholarly resource that publishes articles, books, and films across a range of formats. While we make our print titles available for purchase via the online store, we also release a large selection of digital content to readers and viewers for free, in Open Access.


Guidelines for Contributors

Polish Theatre Perspectives (PTP) is a peer-reviewed resource that invites proposals for articles, books, and audiovisual materials, either directly or via open Calls for Papers circulated in advance of publication. These guidelines have been compiled to assist contributors in preparing their proposals.


Peer Review Policy

Peer review is a valued part of the editorial process of the Polish Theatre Perspectives (PTP) resource and plays a key role in the preparation of typescripts for publication by providing additional, expert assessment of quality and of the accessibility of materials for readers. This guide aims to give an orientation for new contributors.



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