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Guidelines for Contributors

Contributing to PTP

Polish Theatre Perspectives (PTP) is a peer-reviewed resource that invites proposals for articles, books, and audiovisual materials, either directly or via open Calls for Papers (CFPs) circulated in advance of publication. Text-based titles are released in Open Access where possible.

Unless otherwise directed, proposals should be submitted electronically, as a Microsoft Word or RTF attachment, according to the instructions provided in each CFP. All proposals and full contributions should follow the most recent edition of the MHRA style guide. The editors welcome submissions in any language.

Research contributions published in PTP undergo a rigorous selection process, usually including submission of a proposal, initial editorial review, and double-blind peer review by two specialist referees. PTP receives contributions from a wide range of academic, professional, and linguistic contexts; the following guidelines have been compiled to assist authors in preparing their proposals.


Proposals for new content

Proposals for PTP normally consist of an Abstract of between 300–750 words, along with an indicative Bibliography.

An ideal proposal, like a good article, should identify a problem (e.g. critical-theoretical, cultural, disciplinary, historical, literary, methodological, pedagogical, or practice-based) that needs solving or present a hypothesis that sheds light on the interpretation of one or more performance practices or texts. (A ‘text’ need not be strictly ‘literary’ and could include, for example, a theatrical production or rehearsal practice.) An article might identify a new problem and propose a solution or might identify a complete or partial solution to an existing problem. Alternatively, an article might indicate that a generally held view has unrecognised shortcomings, without necessarily proposing a comprehensive analysis to replace the received wisdom. Some articles, especially those focused on studio and training practices, might provide critical descriptions and analyses of innovative or proposed methods and materials used in performance contexts. Articles focusing on theatre and performance theory may propose a new analysis of a set of performance or writing practices, offer a new application of an established critical theory or theories of analysis and interpretation, or present a new theory for interpreting performance(s).

Proposals should clearly define the primary themes and conclusions of your article, and the key sources used in your research. It is important to outline your methodology or theoretical framework; a reference as brief as ‘relying on approach X’, ‘applying the principles of Y’, ‘analysing the problem within a Z framework’, or ‘I am approaching the problem from the point of view of A and B’s theory of Q’ will suffice.

Naturally, the further your work has progressed, the more substantive your proposal is likely to be. Ideally, you will draw from research that is already completed, but this is not required, or even expected. More likely, you will have an outline of your analysis in mind but will not have worked out all the details; this is also legitimate. However, if you have merely identified a problem you would like to examine when you get a chance, on which you have not yet conducted any research, it will be difficult to represent it convincingly. Largely hypothetical articles are unlikely to be accepted.


Proposals for translations

In addition to new contributions, PTP also publishes previously untranslated content, making available a range of key materials for the first time in English or in Polish. To propose an already complete contribution for publication, we request that prospective authors/editors submit a 300-word abstract in the first instance. However, certain PTP titles may emphasize new contributions, and may not accept archival content. Please refer to individual CFPs for more information.


Before you submit your proposal…

Unlike many Polish research publishers in the field, and in keeping with the established practice of most scholarly publishers working in English, we do not pay contributors for submissions. PTP's funding is directed primarily towards facilitating high-quality translations, licensing visual or audiovisual materials on behalf of authors, and making titles available in Open Access to ensure the maximum worldwide dissemination of PTP content and metadata.

By submitting a proposal or paper, a prospective contributor asserts that it represents original work not previously released in the intended language of publication and not being considered for publication elsewhere. Further information about the PTP Open Access and Peer Review policies is available on this website.


With thanks to the American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages (AATSEEL) for permission to adapt sections of the organisation’s original guidelines for writing abstracts, and to Halina Filipowicz and Elwira M. Grossman for their generous consultation.


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