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Open Access Policy

Polish Theatre Perspectives (PTP) is an artistic and scholarly resource that publishes articles, books, and films across a range of formats. While we make our print titles available for purchase via the online store, we also release a large selection of digital content to readers and viewers for free, in Open Access.

Where viable, PTP releases Open Access content under Creative Commons licences, such as CC-BY or CC-BY-NC. However, on occasion a different type of free licence may be used, for example in the case of content containing images, text excerpts, or audiovisual materials that are subject to specific conditions set by the creator or licensor, or in the event of some geographical or translation restriction.

Contributors are encouraged and supported to publish with PTP in Open Access, and are never charged a fee for doing so. To find out more about OA publishing at PTP, please contact the editorial team using our enquiry form.

In 2019, PTP will be releasing a wide range of articles and ebooks in Open Access, in both English and Polish, with the support of selected partners and distributors and a new OA publishing platform. Please check back soon for more news and updates on this initiative.


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